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Have you ever dreamed of being picked randomly to go to a house that occupies several other people to find love? Of course not. No one has. But, what if you were? [Full plot under navigation. Also, check admins page to see if we're online.] We are accepting apps for House One on June 10th! Hurry up and get them in.
not the game.

Aura Mendez, who is twenty, would say her celebrity look alike is Sofia Black D’elia. Unfortunately, she is taken.

Hello and welcome to the Love Games. 

What is your full name/alias? Date of birth?
Aura Olivia Mendez. I prefer to be on a last name basis with those who aren’t my family. Call me Mendez. ‘Twas born on Valentine’s Day of 1993.

Where are you from? Did you like it there?
I’ve lived in Miami my whole life. Of course I liked it there. The weather was nice 24/7 and the nightlife is bitchin’, There’s always a party or concert to go to and I could always get my hands on invites or tickets.

Three words you would use to describe your home life. Explain.
Shady. As. Hell. My parents were secretive as fuck. Not like they were trying to keep anything from me though, mostly they hid things from eachother. And for the sake of the family (their words, not mine), they kept what they were doing from me too. Not for long, though for now I get what I want when I want it because I know their dirty little secrets.

Did you have any siblings? If yes, tell us about them. If no, what did you like about being an only child?
An older brother. He is airheaded and cocky. For some reason, those qualities got him popular in school and tons of bitches on his dick.

What grade are you in? How is your school/social life?
Junior year of college. I give myself kudos since no one in my family thought I could make it this far without landing in jail at least once. As for my school life, it is pretty much my social life. I get around. That can mean multiple things and I’ll let you use your imagination.

If you are no longer in school, do you like your job?

Five adjectives you would use to describe yourself. Explain.
Arrogant and with a face and brain like mine, who wouldn’t be? 
As I’ve been told, I can be quite cold. I’m a girl of one worded answers and heartless remarks. Not to mention the occasional stone facial expression and death glares.
Cynical. I’m suspicious of everyone’s motives because I know mine aren’t good at all and theirs can’t be either. You could be my “friend” for years and I will still be sneeringly distrustful. Boy does that piss people off.
I have a tendency to get extremely jealous. They say jealousy is an ugly trait but I believe I rock it.
Outgoing. If you get me buzzed enough.

What are some hobbies of yours?
I attend and throw parties. When I’m not doing that, I drag associates out to bars and concerts. I just like going out. Aside from those things though, I dance.

What would you say is your “type”?

Opposites attract.  I have no fucking clue. 

Are you accepting of the fact that there is a possibility you will end up alone?
Hell yes. 

Additonal questions:

How did you discover the Love Games?
Screwing around with a buddy of mine. 

What made you want to join?
The fact that it made me laugh so hard. One person always ends up alone. I find it way too funny.

Good luck. You are in House One.